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A Brave New World: Cannabis Industry Out of the Shadows

By Tom Wheeler

Legalization on the Horizon? A ballot initiative to legalize recreational cannabis, Proposition 64, will be sent to voters this November. A previous attempt to legalize marijuana in California, Proposition 19, failed in 2010, with the Emerald Triangle voting overwhelming against legalization. Unlike the state’s current medical cannabis regulation, Proposition 64 does not include size restrictions on cultivations.




A Victory for Marine Mammals: Court Rules to Restrict U.S. Navy Sonar Use

By Anne Maher

Since 2012, the Navy has been permitted by the courts to use explosives and low-frequency sonar in peacetime training exercises throughout the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. It was considered acceptable to affect around 30 whales and 24 pinnipeds each year, as long as the Navy delayed the use of sonar if marine mammals were known to be nearby. This was ruled to be a safe option for marine life. But on July 15, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals came to the conclusion that it wasn’t.




Tim McKay was a Voice for the Voiceless

By Mark Dondero

Saturday, July 30, marked the tenth anniversary of the passing of Tim McKay, director of the Northcoast Environmental Center. For many years, Tim was possibly the most hated man in Northwest California, a mantle he carried willingly and proudly.











Kin to the Earth: Diane Beck
Long time local environmental activist Diane Beck passed away on September 6. She was featured as our Kin to the Earth in the Aug/Sep 2016 issue of EcoNews.




New Klamath Deal Announced!


Great news! On Wednesday, April 6, supporters of undamming the Klamath celebrated a milestone in #Klamath River conservation! After years of litigation, advocacy, negotiation, and waiting for Congress, the revised dam removal agreement can achieve dam removal by 2020 despite ideological roadblocks created by House Republicans. The agreement uses the existing authority of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is supported by California, Oregon, Federal Agencies, the Karuk Tribe, the Yurok Tribe, and dam-owner PacifiCorp among others. #UnDamtheKlamath

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Share your memories of Lucille and Susie


We at NEC understand that no one person or group could cover all the important, passionate work Lucille Vinyard and Susie Van Kirk did for our community and for our earth. We were fortunate to work with them. We know many of our friends and readers have stories to share about these two women and we invite you to share those with us. We will put as much of them on our website in upcoming months as possible.

If you would like to share some stories, please mail them to NEC Board Vice-President Dan Sealy at

The more concise your memories and tributes are, the more likely we can make everything available on the NEC website. We will also be archiving all tributes for future reference and research.  

Thank you ~ the NEC Board