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Californians Celebrates New Protections

By Dan Sealy

President Obama used the Antiquities Act to expand the California Coastal Monument just before he left office. Communities all along the coast engaged in a variety of discussions about the legislation and gave feedback at a public meeting in 2016. But in a continuing refrain, Congress did not follow our legislators’ lead. Secretary Jewell and President Obama decided to act before it was too late. Some people have wondered why this is necessary since the lands are, for the most part, already managed by the federal government. Incorporation of these lands into the National Monument will allow them to be managed with a focus on protection and public access for future generations­ while taking local citizen concerns into account.




War on Facts Sparks Momentum for Scientists’ March on Washington

By Deirdre Fulton

Thanks to new data, research, and studies speaking to the veracity of global warming and human-induced climate change, some of the staunchest resisters are now coming to their senses and recognizing the very real issues our world faces in the coming decades. 

Last year, hurricane research conducted by Florida State geography professor Jim Elsner and Namyoung Kang, deputy director of the National Typhoon Center in South Korea was published in Nature Climate Change. The research found that warmer ocean temperatures—induced by manmade climate change—are fueling stronger hurricanes. “We’re seeing fewer hurricanes, but the ones we do see are more intense,” Elsner said. “When one comes, all hell can break loose.”




Preparing for Sea Level Rise in the Humboldt Bay Area

By Jennifer Kalt

Reducing emissions to slow the rate of climate change is more critical then ever, but we must plan for inevitable sea level rise—which is already happening and will continue for decades. It’s not a matter of if—but when—the highest tides of the year will cause more than nuisance flooding, especially during major storms. The Coastal Commission’s 2015 Sea Level Rise Guidance is based on the best available science, and forecasts sea level rise of 0.5m (1.6’) by 2050 and 1.5m (4.9’) by 2100. Across California, coastal communities are considering ways to prepare for sea level rise.




Locals Bring International Climate Movement to Humboldt

By Catherine Gurin

A new local chapter of the internationally prominent movement is taking root in Humboldt. is a global, grassroots climate movement dedicated to holding our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice.

The number “350” refers to the safe concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. To avoid catastrophic climate change, the amount of atmospheric CO2 must be below 350 parts per million (ppm). Since September 2016, however, the world average has remained consistently above 400 ppm. This numerical target is the core of’s message: to achieve carbon reduction by uniting ordinary citizens to work toward a just, prosperous, and equitable low-carbon world.




Kin to the Earth: Barbara Boxer

By Ryan Henson

Retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer leaves an inspiring conservation legacy. During her service in the Senate from 1993 to 2017, Ms. Boxer introduced and was the primary author of an estimated 144 pieces of legislation on conservation and environmental issues, including pollution reduction, preserving clean water, protecting the oceans, and preserving wild lands and streams on federal public lands.






Donations Requested for Silent Auction!

With political changes happening on a national level and so many unknowns in terms of environmental support, we at the Northcoast Environmental Center are looking to keep environmentally-focused progress moving forward locally. We are asking you to echo that sentiment for our bioregion by donating to our FUN(d)raiser Dinner and Auction to be held Saturday, April 15 at the Bayside Grange.

If you've got almost anything of quality, we'll put it up for bid!




Third Annual Tim McKay Birdathon

The Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) and the Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS) are again teaming up to sponsor the Tim McKay Memorial Birdathon! Tim McKay was the longtime director of the NEC. The Birdathon will benefit the NEC and RRAS equally.




Welcome Californians for Alternatives to Toxics

The NEC welcomes Californians for Alternatives to Toxics as our newest Associate Member group!
We are excited to help the organization move forward with us into the next chapter of environmental conservation in California and our bioregion.

Visit the CATs website



NEC Chooses to Reuse!
The NEC staff know that switching from single-use to reusable products and packaging is one of the most significant steps to take in reducing waste and carbon footprint. We are proud to join with Zero Waste Humboldt to reduce waste!