Action Alert: Speak up on Humboldt County's Guiding Principles!

May, 2013

On Monday, June 3, the Board of Supervisors will be reviewing and considering changes to the Guiding Principles that were adopted in 2004 and revised by the Planning Commission in 2012. The Guiding Principles were intended to guide the Planning Commission’s work on the County’s General Plan Update, which is now in its 13th year.
The current Board of Supervisors is under considerable pressure to remove important environmental protections of the County's General Plan.  Your supervisors need to hear your support for sustainable development and conservation of forests, farms, and watersheds.

Check out the following Guiding Principles and let your Supervisors know what is important to you:

  • 1.    Ensure that public policy is reflective of the needs of the citizenry as expressed by the citizens themselves.
  • 2.    Preserve and enhance the character of Humboldt County and the quality of life it offers.
  • 3.    Provide sufficient developable land, encourage development of affordable housing for all income levels, and prevent housing scarcity under a range of population growth scenarios.
  • 4.    Ensure efficient use of water and sewer services and focus development in those areas and discourage low-density residential conversion of resource lands and open space.
  • 5.    Support the County’s economic development strategy and work to retain and create living-wage job opportunities.
  • 6.    Protect agriculture and timberland over the long term, using measures such as increased restrictions on resource land subdivisions and patent parcel development.
  • 7.    Protect natural resources, especially open space, water resources, water quality, scenic beauty, and salmonid habitat.
  • 8.     Include actionable plans for infrastructure financing and construction.
  • 9.    Adhere to a practical strategy that can be implemented.
  • 10.  Provide a clear statement of land use values and policies to provide clarity in the County’s permit processing system and simplify review of projects that are consistent with the General Plan.
  • 11.  Maximize the opportunities to educate the public about the planning process, in order to have meaningful participation in the development and maintenance of the Plan.
  • 12.  Support a broad public participation program at all levels of the decision making process; including study, workshops, hearings, and plan revisions.

Enacting a strong County General Plan is one of the most important ways we can promote sustainable communities and protect Humboldt County's natural treasures for future generations.
Contact the Board of Supervisors or comment at the hearing on Monday afternoon to let them know what you want to see for our future!

What: GPU Hearing - Guiding Principles
When: Monday, May 3, at 1:30pm
Where: Board of Supervisors Chambers, Humboldt County Courthouse, Eureka

First District – Rex Bohn (707) 476-2391

Second District – Estelle Fennell (707) 476-2392

Third District - Mark Lovelace (707) 476-2393

Fourth District - Virginia Bass (707) 476-2394

Fifth District - Ryan Sundberg (707) 476-2395


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