2012 Congressional Questionnaire - Transportation III

April, 2012
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How would you support the completion of a regional multipurpose trail system in Humboldt County and completion of the California Coastal Trail along the North Coast?

ADAMS: A safe route connection between Arcata and Eureka should be a main focus.   The current non-motorized connection is dangerous and promotes the potential for unsafe cyclist/auto interactions.  My county was one of 4 counties to receive a $25 million non-motorized transportation grant through the lobbying efforts of our county supervisors and a bicycle coalition. These federal funds helped launch the safe routes infrastructure that our community now enjoys. The program is a success and federal funds should be allocated for expansion of these programs.

CAFFREY: We will have Great Conversion Conferences in which we regularly come together as neighbors to assess our ecological limits and economic potential. It is in this process that we, as a community, will design our new transportation system. 

In my program, political control will go to the communities, away from the corporate control of the federal government.

COURTNEY: With 600 billion dollar cuts in domestic spending looming this year, funding will get tighter for the near term.  Sharing the real costs of policing the world, bringing home the troops deployed in over 130 countries, and taxing wall-street sales, would be a good place to begin.  I will act to get local, state and federal government working together.  The public must be made aware of the cost and benefit.  Since candidates raise $100,000 or more for an election, surely we can work together to raise funds for programs that benefit the people and protect our environmental resources!

HUFFMAN: I would help in any way I could to bring together government agencies and landowners to complete this important project, and would also work to secure federal funding and ensure federal agency cooperation.  

LAWSON: Access to a trail system such as the California Coastal Trail significantly contributes to the quality of life here in Northern California.  This series of public-access trails helps foster environmental stewardship, create appreciation for the beautiful natural surroundings we have here, and provides a healthy recreational outlet for residents and visitors.  These trails also are an excellent economic driver in terms of tourism.  Though most of the work to complete these trails will happen at a state level, I will provide support in whatever way possible to ensure this project is seen through to completion.

LEWALLEN: See response to previous question.

RENEE: As Directors on the Golden Gate Bridge, and SCTA I have worked to increase transit, pedestrian and bicycle improvements throughout the region. The Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit will be including a 70-mile multi-use path near the train route. At SCTA I have helped secure $3 million in additional funding for the trail improvements. Getting businesses involved in the tourism aspect is important for building support. Tying Federal funding with ecological restoration through Conservation Corps jobs would be a win-win solution to completing the trails.

SOLOMON: Local elected officials and community activists are leading the charge for a regional trail system in Humboldt County. They are the local experts and I would follow their lead. My role would be to back them up with political support, as well as assistance identifying and applying for funding sources. The California Coastal Trail has federal buy-in, but there are still details to be sorted out. The project is a collaboration between various partners, so it is necessary to foster cooperation between state, local and federal public agencies in the planning and implementation of the trail.

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