All Species Parade Brings Dam Removal to the Arcata Plaza

October, 2014

The All Species Parade, part of the annual festivities of the North Country Fair, always features an entertaining spectacle of creature costumes, puppetry and sculpture parading around the Plaza in celebration of the diversity of life on Earth. This year, however, festival-goers and parade participants were treated to something a little different—with an important message.

Coordinated by the NEC, SCRAP Humboldt, and many dedicated volunteers, this year’s Parade featured Un-Dam the Klamath themed street theater—complete with construction workers, a cloth dam, Free the Rivers and Un-Dam the Klamath banners, and lots and lots of salmon. The parade was stopped at several points along the Parade route by the construction of a dam, which was appropriately “blown up” after protest by the salmon and other creatures blocked from passage.

This year’s Parade also coincided with the People’s Climate March in New York City, the largest climate protest in history with over 310,000 participants. Locally, HSU students, environmental activists, and concerned citizens marched as part of the All Species Parade with signs in solidarity with those protesting in NYC.

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