Coastal Cleanup Day - Saturday, September 19

August, 2015

While scientists, inventors, governments and agencies try to figure out how to clean up the estimated millions of tons of garbage already in the ocean, the rest of us can help staunch the flow by participating in California’s Coastal Cleanup Day.

As longtime EcoNews readers know, Coastal Cleanup Day has its humble beginnings right here in Humboldt County as a program of the NEC. Now international, the event is celebrated worldwide and is the single largest volunteer event in support of the marine environment.

Last year, with your help, over 1,000 Humboldt County Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers removed over eight tons of trash and recyclables from our beaches, rivers, bay and estuaries. Coupled with efforts throughout the state and around the world, Coastal Cleanup Day makes a quantitative difference in how much trash enters our ocean.

In cooperation with the California Coastal Commission, the Northcoast Environmental Center will again organize at least 40 cleanups throughout Humboldt County—a feat requiring an immense amount of staff time and community coordination. Therefore, in addition to seeking site captains and volunteers, we’re also currently seeking financial sponsorships to cover coordination costs. Contact Jennifer Savage at for details on benefits to fit your budget.


How to get involved:

Be a site captain! Site captains are the main points of contact for the cleanup teams at each site and work with the NEC’s Cleanup Coordinator, recruiting teammates, gathering supplies, overseeing the successful cleanup of their site and reporting cleanup data back to the NEC. Check the NEC’s website at for a list of available beaches. 

Join a team! Be part of the group cleaning up your favorite beach. All you need to do is show up and pick up.

Sponsor Coastal Cleanup! This is a fantastic way to support local cleanup efforts and publicize your business or organization as a friend to the ocean. The NEC has a number of sponsorship packages available and all include your logo on county-wide posters and recognition.

Spread the word! Passing info on to colleagues, friends, family, school teachers and civic minded groups.  The more hands we have on deck, the more impact we can make!

Stand together to put a stop to trash! If a product can’t be reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.

After the cleanup all are welcome to stop by the NEC’s booth at the North Country Fair—and join us Sunday, September 20 for the All Species Parade! 

For more details, visit,
email or call us at 822-6918.

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