Event: Environmental Challenges of Marijuana Agriculture in the Age of Prohibition

October, 2012

Location: Native Forum Room 162,
Behavioral and Social Sciences Building, Humboldt State University
16th  & Union Street, Arcata

Date: Friday Oct 12, 2012   1:00 pm -5:00 pm

This two-part symposium will gather grassroots environmental activists, community members, and policy makers to discuss efforts to address the environmental impacts of marijuana cultivation. Panelists will review the impacts of marijuana agriculture and offer insights into the opportunities and challenges involved in addressing these problems. 

Session 1:  1:00- 2:45 The Problem and Responses:  Environmental Impacts and the Politics of Cannabis Agriculture

This panel of grassroots environmental organizers and policy makers will discuss environmental impacts associated with industrial marijuana agriculture, how current policy affects those impacts, and challenges involved in addressing environmental impacts associated with marijuana production.

Session 2:  3:00 - 5:00 pm Environmental, Cultural, and Economic Futures: Sustainability and Marijuana Agriculture

This panel of grassroots environmental organizers, community members, and policy makers offer perspectives on paths to environmental, cultural and economic sustainability.

Panelists include:
Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director, Mattole Restoration Council
Scott Geacen, Executive Director, Friends of the Eel River
Gary Hughes, Executive Director,  Environmental Protection Information Center
Tasha McKee, Executive Director, Sanctuary Forest
Mike Downey, Humboldt County Sheriff,
Paul Gallegos, Humboldt County District Attorney,
Mark Lovelace, Humboldt County District 3 Supervisor
Scott Downie, California Department of Fish and Game Senior Biologist
Casey O’Neill, Community Member
Kyle Keegan, Community Member

The symposium is sponsored by the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research and the Sociology Department. The event is free and open to the public. 

Contact Dr. Tony Silvaggio, Sociology Department, Humboldt State University at 707.826.3142 for more information.

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