Humboldt Took to the Streets Marching for the Climate

December, 2015

November 29, 2015



Over 2000 cities around the world marched this weekend to send a unified message to our world leaders that the people of the Earth demand strong climate action policy. The World Climate Summit—called COP21—is taking currently place in Paris. This is a large gathering of political leaders and business persons who will be determining a plan of action to combat global climate change. Many of us are aware of runaway climate—a so called “tipping point” whereby humans will no longer have any control of decelerating carbon emissions­—but few can grasp the global and social implications of such a catastrophe. Arguably, COP21 offers the last chance at combatting climate change on the level needed and with the swiftness necessary to save us from reaching that tipping point. 

On Sunday, November 29th, Humboldt activists and community members joined the Global People’s Climate Movement and marched the streets of Arcata from HSU LIbrary Circle to the Arcata Plaza. The march was organized by volunteer activists, and it aimed to form strong community ties. Humboldt Community Rights, Transition Humboldt, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Climate Crisis HSU, Sustainability Coalition HSU, and several community members came to share their projects and ideas; this open dialogue allowed the community to align their goals with one another. Those involved plan to communicate further about combatting climate change locally and constructing a self-resilient community.