New Zero Waste Action Plan in Arcata

February, 2017



A final draft of the City of Arcata’s first ever Zero Waste Action Plan (ZWAPlan) was presented in a study session with city council, staff and members of the public on January 30. Prepared by city staff and Zero Waste Humboldt consultants Maureen Hart and Maggie Gainer, the ZWAPlan is both pragmatic and ambitious. It identifies ten major implementation goals for reducing waste in Arcata over the next ten years.

While the ZWAPlan is not mandated, it is consistent with a growing trend among cities committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the toxicity in our waste, with a greater emphasis on natural resource conservation and waste prevention. Zero Waste methodology is part of a growing trend toward sustainable materials management rather than landfill diversion.

Progress in achieving the ZWAPlan goals will rely on a team of business, school, community groups and HSU leaders working cooperatively with the City. For details, contact Zero Waste Humboldt or check for updates on the City’s website at



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