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December, 2014





Rounder is better, if you are a leatherback sea turtle.

That’s the word from researchers who made the surprising discovery that longer, slender turtles are less efficient swimmers than their more rotund brethren.

The researchers were measuring the  forces that act on a swimming animal and the energy the animal must expend to move through water.

Here at the NEC, where hardly anyone is plump, we often get surprising findings—mainly when we look at the checkbook. We actually are holding our own, but we do need help.

That’s where you fit in, round-bodied or not. Give what you can, time or money.

The general election showed that the forces of rampant, selfish development are prevalent here (as elsewhere), especially in the seats of power.

We can—and must—stop them to prevent the erosion of our beautiful North Coast.

So stay stout. 


Thank you.