The Backpage: Recycling Strays

October, 2014





In Istanbul,  a solar-powered vending machine encourages recycling by feeding stray dogs.
Every time a can or bottle is recycled, some food appears in a dispenser at the right height for the animals. The profit from the recyclables covers the cost of the food in the machine.

The company whose brainstorm it was said it wanted to boost recycling as well as help the giant number of stray dogs and wildlife in the Turkish city.  

Here at the NEC—parent of the first rural recycling center in the state—we are now pushing, along with many others, for passage of the so-called recycled  “bag bill.”  It would make California the first state to outlaw single-use plastic grocery bags, but a tough battle is predicted in the legislature.

Recycling is just one of the many contentious issues that the NEC  has been engaged with since it was founded more than 40 years ago, and we couldn’t have lasted this long without your consistent help.

So, if you haven’t yet,  please become a member.  In fact, your entire family—including any stray pets—can join for less than a dollar a week.  With your help, our victory is in the bag.

Thank you.

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