Humboldt Baykeeper Keeps Tabs on Projects Around the Bay

August, 2016


 Humboldt Baykeeper tracks many projects around Humboldt Bay, ensuring that water quality and coastal resources are protected for wildlife, recreation, and a healthy economy. Below is a small sample of ongoing issues we are following. For more information on these and other bay-related stories, visit our website, like us on Facebook, or join our email list. To get involved, or to sign up for action alerts, contact us at

Arcata Wastewater Facility Update 

After receiving more than 125 water quality violations since 2010 and being fined more than $400,000 by the Regional Water Board from 2006 to 2007, the City of Arcata is in the process of upgrading its sewage treatment system to bring it into compliance while enhancing its popular marsh treatment system.

Highway 101 Interchange at Indianola Postponed 

The controversial $38 million U.S. Highway 101 Corridor Improvement Project, which includes an interchange at Indianola Cutoff, was delayed for two years due to declining gas tax revenue as lower gas prices and the rise in fuel efficient vehicles depletes CalTrans’ coffers. The project, which failed to incorporate bicyclist and pedestrian improvements until required by the Coastal Commission, has been touted by CalTrans as a critical safety project driven in part by a lawsuit over fatal auto accidents before the speed limit was lowered to 50 mph.

CalTrans Funds Another East-West Rail Study

In 2013, the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District feasibility study found that building a new railroad from Humboldt Bay to the Central Valley would cost more than $1 billion to build and another $20 million a year to maintain, requiring 3-10 long bulk cargo trains per day to remain economically viable. Yet last month, CalTrans District 2 in Redding awarded a $276,000 grant to Trinity County’s Transportation Commission to do yet another feasibility study. Critics question what products would be shipped on such a high-cost, high-risk route. While proponents talk of agricultural exports from the Central Valley, it is coal to China that is making all the headlines these days.  

Other ongoing issues include oyster expansion proposals, dredging disposal plans, development of a regional eelgrass management plan, wetland restoration, dioxin remediation, and the Community Choice Aggregation energy program.  



 Join us for a Humboldt Bay Tour!

Motor Boat Tours:
August 27, September 23, and October 7

Thanks to generous grants from the California Coastal Conservancy and the Humboldt Area Foundation, we provide all the necessaries for a safe and exciting experience on Humboldt Bay! Space is limited and reservations are required. Call (707) 825-1020 or email for more info or to make reservations. Se habla español.

Humboldt Baykeeper has partnered with the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District to provide free, docent-led motor boat tours of Humboldt Bay. Kids 8 and older are welcome.

Kayak Tours: August 13 and October 1

We have also partnered with the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center to offer kayak tours of the Elk River combined with guided walks along the Hikshari’ Trail in Eureka. Kayak tours are for ages 12 and older, and beginners are welcome.

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