The Backpage: Full Freedom for Flipper

June, 2014





Politician Remus Cernea has introduced a measure in the Romanian upper house that would give dolphins the same rights as humans.

The bill would make humans and dolphins equal before the law and give dolphin-killers the same sentences as murderers of human beings.

The aim is to help protect Romania’s indigenous dolphins in the Black Sea and add the voice of the European community’s poorest nation to a global movement against dolphin killings.

Here at the NEC, there is a belief that Flipper is even smarter than many humans, as evidenced by their intelligent and hierarchically-organized schools, their playful behavior and their complex method of communication.

The marine mammals have a gestation period of 12 months—amazingly, the same length of time that an NEC membership will get you (what a transition). And the results may be the same: the birth of a new consciousness.

So come up with money for an annual subscription; what a deal, the dolphins say, it’s less than a dime a day.

Thank you.