The Kids' Page: Marbled Godwits

April, 2017


Did you know marbled godwits eat during the day and the night? They use a long, pointed bill to poke the mud and feel for insects, crabs, shrimps, mollusks, and other hidden invertebrates. 

Marbled godwits are sandpipers that have cinnamon-colored feathers. Marbled godwit eggs are green with spots. Young godwits start flying at only three weeks old! Marbled godwits are not endangered, although farming poses a threat to their habitat.

In winter, thousands of marbled godwits fly to coastal regions during their migration. A migration is when animals move from one region to another to feed or mate. Some marbled godwits fly from the Great Plains to Humboldt County and make their home at the Arcata Marsh.  

In April, you can go to the marsh and see marbled godwits eating, flying, and nesting. Try to count how many marbled godwits you can see!


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