News From the Center - Oct/Nov 2017

October, 2017


Fall is one of the busier times at the NEC. But before we start discussing our plans, we want to thank the community who has helped us achieve some amazing goals. 

Big Environmental News:  At the Wharfinger Building in Eureka on August 14, there was standing room only when Congressman Huffman hosted a public meeting to receive feedback on his draft legislation to increase protections for Northwest California’s rivers and mountains. NEC board members Larry Glass, Dan Sealy and Bob Morris spent the past four years working with the congressman and representatives from The Wilderness Society, California Wilderness Coalition, Sierra Club, Pew Charitable Trusts, and others to draft language that would designate more than 300 miles of new Wild & Scenic Rivers, create a Bigfoot National Recreation Trail, build mountain biking routes in Del Norte County, create partnerships to clean up public lands impacted by illegal activities (including illegal cannabis cultivation), expand nine wilderness areas, and establish ten new ones. This is one of the largest wilderness bills to ever be discussed for Northern California, and, at a time when the future of public lands is unknown, it represents a strong move on Congressman Huffman’s part to model and promote the needs of our region’s public lands. This also includes a ground breaking 800,000+ acre proposal called the South Fork Trinity/Mad River Restoration area. We’ll keep you posted on ways you can get involved once this legislation has been introduced. 

In other news,  our plea for financial assistance to help us move to solar was answered quickly! We received a generous donation from Mark Larson to reach our goal of $2,400. Local solar guru Roger is working with our building’s maintenance man to determine options for routing the wires, and calls have been made to the City of Arcata to start the permit process. Hopefully by the end of this year we will be solar powered!

Our other financial request of $10,000 for tech upgrades was met with generous donations by Margaret Zegart,  Joseph Bower, Mark Larson, and an anonymous donor who’s gift was “in honor of Tim McKay.” Most of the staff now have access to newer, faster computers and no longer need risk dozing off waiting for files to load. Soon all staff will be working on better machines!

Our website software was recently updated and we are brainstorming options and seeking help for the next phase
of website redesign. What features would you like to see? Do you know a Drupal whiz? Let us know at

The Summer Bar-B-Q   

lived up to its name as a “you’ve got to be there” event! Not only was the food amazing, but Jan’s homemade cider and Gary’s homemade beer hit the spot when the temperature hit a high of 78 degrees! The camaraderie, smiling faces and good vibes intermingled with the lively music by Fred and Junior were reminiscent of a saying from Maggie Huhn, “One of the reasons our society has become such a mess is that we’re isolated from each other.” More gathering opportunities are needed to bring people together and the NEC hopes to see you at our next one! 

Join us for Ocean Night on October 12 and November 9, our next movie night on November 15, and “Cider for the NEC” on December 12 at Humboldt Cider Company.

Our Busiest Weekend of the Year!

September brings a lot of activity around the NEC office in preparation for two of our biggest events of the year—Coastal Cleanup Day and the All Species Parade! 

On Saturday, September 16, over 600 volunteers showed up to clean 60 beaches and waterways for Coastal Cleanup Day, collecting about five tons of debris! The NEC is very proud to continue this longstanding volunteer tradition, that began right here on the North Coast. Thank you to everyone for your hard work! Read more about Coastal Cleanup Day on page 3. 

On the same day, hundreds joined the NEC at the North Country Fair to march and dance in this year’s All Species Parade! Themed “Sanctuary for All Species,” the parade featured painted umbrellas under which costumed parade participants gathered for “sanctuary.” The umbrellas were decorated to represent various national monuments, marine protected areas, national forests, and parks that provide sanctuary for so many species. It was great to see so many fabulous, creative costumes! Read more about the parade on page 4. 

Our booth at the North County Fair was busy both days as fairgoers stopped by to see over 60 pieces of art as part of our first Endangered Art Show, buy t-shirts or chat with NEC staff, volunteers and board members. If you didn’t have a chance to stop by and see artwork by students, professionals and endangered species lovers, click here to visit our album on Flickr


Bouquets of virtual flowers to our technology upgrade donors Margaret ZegartJoseph Bower, Mark Larson, and an anonymous donor in honor of Tim McKay. Bouquets of sunflowers to our solar project donors Ellen LeBel, Florin Barnhart, and Mark Larson.

Bouquets to all who helped and attended our Summer Bar-B-Q party, including our hosts Gary & Jan Friedrichsen;  oyster extraordinaire John Woolley; salmon supplier Pete Nichols; event volunteers Bill Rodstrom, Barbara Reisman, Erika Gonzalez Granadino and Sylvia van Royen; Barbara Wilkinson, Chris Beresford & Eleanor Jenican for growing, collecting & arranging the beautiful flowers for all of the tables, and food donations from Arcata Scoop, Arise Bakery, Brio Breadworks, Coast Seafoods, Cypress Grove, Heart’s Leap Winery, Lost Coast Brewery, Ramone’s Bakery and Redwood Roots Farm.

Bouquets to the Same Old People, Bandemonium350 Humboldt, the Arcata Playhouse, Jesse Jonathan and Trillium Dance Studio, our umbrella artists and everyone who came out to celebrate all species and make this year’s All Species Parade so spectacular!

Bouquets to this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day sponsors, site captains and cleanup volunteers! See page 3 to see our local Coastal Cleanup sponsors.

Bouquets to all the creative people who submitted artwork for our Endangered Art Show! We hope you had a chance to stop by our booth during the North Country Fair to view them! And many thanks to those who bid and purchased art!

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