Shore Lines: Coastal Programs Update Dec 2014/Jan 2015

December, 2014

When I first moved to Humboldt, my little family and I explored our new home daily. We’d run around Redwood Park for an hour, hike through the forest if we had two. Weekends might launch us north toward the lagoons or south to Bull Creek Flats. As our roots grew deeper, however, what was once novel became familiar and we sought out new places less frequently.


Embrace our Place

Regardless of where you live on the North Coast, you’re near something beautiful. If you live in Eureka or McKinleyville, in an hour, you can skip down to the Hikshari’ or Hammond trails.  In Arcata, you have the Community Forest. Trinidad, Trinidad Head. Elsewhere, you probably only need to step outside the front door.

And in a half day, even in the winter, you can kayak Humboldt Bay or the lagoons, take a hike in Prairie Creek or wander down a trail off Avenue of the Giants.

The waves loom large most days in the winter, so beachgoers must use extra caution, but plenty of chances to enjoy the coastal wildness safely await: the Patrick’s Point rim trail, College Cove and the Elk Head Trail, beaches inside Humboldt Bay, various King’s Range wilderness trails that offer the view without the danger, South Beach up in Crescent City. Research first, so you make sure you truly are avoiding places where you might get swept out to sea, but don’t let winter deter you from reveling in the coastal wonder of where we live. Experiencing nature is one of the best ways to remember the importance of protecting it, and here at the NEC, we work to protect nature so we can all experience it.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is going to be to go somewhere new along the North Coast at least once per month—and to visit the places I already love more frequently. I hope to see you there.


What's Going on?

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