Zero Waste Certification Training Coming this Fall to Humboldt

June, 2016


Growing numbers of consumers understand the direct impact their purchases have on the quantity and toxicity of waste generated, and the impact on global warming.  Environmentally conscientious customers are asking their suppliers, manufacturers, favorite restaurants and stores to reduce waste generated by their production, packaging, and services.  Business and industry are responding in two general ways: Green marketing happy talk or adopting authentic Zero Waste standards in their business practices.

A 2008 California Waste Characterization Study reported the commercial sector is responsible for nearly 50 percent of the statewide waste stream. Business and industry of the Redwood Coast region now have the opportunity to significantly prevent, reuse, recycle and compost waste by implementing Zero Waste methods and systems.  

Tried and true Zero Waste methods effectively reduce waste, generating savings and value for both business and environment—and satisfying growing consumer demand.  In January, 2016 presentations in Eureka, the sustainability coordinators of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Fetzer Vineyards were Zero Waste Humboldt’s featured speakers in the Zero Waste Solutions Series.  They explained, step-by-step, how they adopted the metrics and methods of the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council in their beer and wine production, as well as restaurant, offices, transportation, and all aspects of their business operations, to achieve their internationally recognized Zero Waste certifications. They were also quick to point out that they have accumulated significant savings from reducing waste disposal and other overhead costs.

“Business and industry of the Redwood Coast region now have the opportunity to significantly prevent, reuse, recycle and compost waste by implementing Zero Waste methods and systems.”

Redwood Coast businesses now have a convenient opportunity to begin this Zero Waste certification process. On Monday, October 10, 2016, at the Humboldt Area Foundation, Zero Waste Humboldt will host the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council’s six-hour Zero Waste certification training for local businesses and individuals to apply Zero Waste practices and standards. Upon completion of this course and a follow-up exam, local individuals will become certified Zero Waste Business Associates. Certified Zero Waste professionals are prepared to implement Zero Waste programs in facilities and businesses, and to guide their facilities in applying the USZWBC Scorecard Certification System.

Registration is open to anyone interested in learning about implementing Zero Waste systems, and the training is intended for those interested in pursuing the professional Zero Waste Business Associate Certification. Since this certification course is usually held in urban centers, this is a rare opportunity to take this course in Humboldt County with friends and colleagues.  Zero Waste Humboldt has established a scholarship fund to assist with registration fees. To apply for a scholarship or for more information about the certification training, email

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