The Endangered Art Show


The Endangered Art Show

The Endangered Species Act is a fundamental component of environmental legislation in the United States. Through it, species are protected and saved that would otherwise be forgotten and lost to our planet forever. Protecting this Act and the budget that keeps it alive is essential to protecting all species.


Endangered sea otter. Photo: Chuck Abbe, CC




How Does it Work?

This year, there is a new addition to the North Country Fair and All Species Parade festivities: the Endangered Art Show! Send a painting, drawing, or other art piece to the NEC illustrating an endangered species in the United States. If you wish, you could also include a letter describing why the Endangered Species Act matters, and what that particular species means to you. Art will be displayed at the NEC's booth during the North Country Fair, posted on our website, and to our social media. Afterwards, copies or photos of artwork will be mailed to President Trump.



Art can be sculptures, paintings, or any other medium. 2-D artwork should be no larger than 8.5" x 11" and 3-D artwork should be no bigger than 12" x 12". Artists can have their art returned to them after the event if they request it. To participate, mail your artwork to the NEC at PO Box 4259 Arcata, CA 95518 or bring it into our office at 415 I St. in Arcata by September 7. Include your art piece, name, age, and contact information with your submission. Artists can choose to pick up their artwork anytime after Monday, September 18 at the NEC office. Artwork can be rejected for any reason.

Donate your Art to the NEC!

Artists can choose to donate their art to the NEC. Donated pieces will be part of a silent auction held throughout the North Country Fair. All funds raised will help cover postage costs to President Trump, and our other programs. If you would like to donate, please specify this with your submission. Thank you in advance for your support!