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Del Norte Supervisor Martha McClure Under Scrutiny for Coastal Commission Ethics Violations

By Jennifer Kalt

Coastal Commissioner Martha McClure—who represents the North Coast counties of Humboldt, Del Norte, and Mendocino—is one of several Commissioners accused of ethics violations since the February 10 vote to fire the Commission’s Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester. McClure made the motion to retreat into closed session to discuss the firing, which was done without explanation by a 7-5 vote despite overwhelming opposition from the public, elected officials, former coastal commissioners, and commission staff.




Revised Klamath Agreement Signed!

By Konrad Fisher, Klamath Riverkeeper

The largest dam removal project in history is closer than ever. On April 6, state, federal and Native American tribal representatives joined dam owner PacifiCorp, water users, and conservation organizations to sign an agreement that seeks to remove four Klamath River dams by 2020 and resolve longstanding water disputes.

“This agreement is the result of more than a decade of protests, litigation, and lengthy settlement negotiations between diverse stakeholders,” said Leaf Hillman, director of the Karuk Tribe’s Department of Natural Resources. “It represents the greatest salmon restoration action in U.S. history.”




Celebrating National Parks: 100 Years of Heritage and Stewardship

By Dan Sealy

The National Park Service, the people’s parks, are celebrating their centennial this year. Centennials do not, typically, result in monumental change, but marking 100 years can be a time of reflection and celebration. When Yellowstone National Park was created in 1872, there was no organization or agency to run the park, so it became a stepchild of the US Army. 

Lincoln, in the midst of the carnage of the Civil War found time to answer public cries to save Yosemite Valley by granting it to the state of California in 1864. This would later become the heart of Yosemite National Park.




Fighting Dams Deadly in Honduras

By Jennifer Kalt

In Northwest California, we are celebrating the imminent removal of four Klamath River dams that have destroyed salmon habitat and indigenous livelihoods. But in Honduras, such destruction continues to the detriment of both ecosystems and human communities, supported by internationally-funded dam construction projects. In early March, Honduran human rights and environmental activist Berta Cáceres was assassinated after years of death threats and intimidation for leading the struggle against a proposed hydroelectric dam.





CA Coastal Commission Needs to Clean House

By Delia Bense-Kang

The power to decide the future of the California coast is currently in the hands of 12 commissioners, many of whom have proven to not have the best interests of the coast and the public in mind. Click the link below for a quick recap of the past four Coastal Commission hearings.






New Klamath Deal Announced!


Great news! On Wednesday, April 6, supporters of undamming the Klamath celebrated a milestone in #Klamath River conservation! After years of litigation, advocacy, negotiation, and waiting for Congress, the revised dam removal agreement can achieve dam removal by 2020 despite ideological roadblocks created by House Republicans. The agreement uses the existing authority of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is supported by California, Oregon, Federal Agencies, the Karuk Tribe, the Yurok Tribe, and dam-owner PacifiCorp among others. #UnDamtheKlamath

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Share your memories of Lucille and Susie


We at NEC understand that no one person or group could cover all the important, passionate work Lucille Vinyard and Susie Van Kirk did for our community and for our earth. We were fortunate to work with them. We know many of our friends and readers have stories to share about these two women and we invite you to share those with us. We will put as much of them on our website in upcoming months as possible.

If you would like to share some stories, please mail them to NEC Board Vice-President Dan Sealy at

The more concise your memories and tributes are, the more likely we can make everything available on the NEC website. We will also be archiving all tributes for future reference and research.  

Thank you ~ the NEC Board