Attack on the Antiquities Act Underway

October, 2017

From our friends at Conservation Lands Foundation:

Attack on the Antiquities Act Underway:
What you can do today!

Two weeks ago, Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT), introduced the most aggressive attack on the Antiquities Act in recent history. H.R. 3990, the "National Monument Creation and Protection Act," is a radical and unprecedented attempt to gut the Antiquities Act, the law that creates national monuments and has established most national parks. This bill passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee on a party line vote last week. 

To be clear, this is one of the most anti-conservation, anti-sportsmen, anti-science pieces of legislation we have ever seen and would cripple the authority of the Antiquities Act. If signed into law it would: 

  • Radically alter the definition of antiquities and what can be protected in a national monument
  • Ignore the importance of protecting wildlife habitat
  • Create arbitrary caps on the size of new national monuments
  • Prohibit new national monuments that are near existing national monuments
  • Give presidents the authority to erase vast portions of existing national monuments (an authority the President does not currently have)

During the same committee mark-up, the committee voted against a resolution that would have compelled Secretary Ryan Zinke to share documents and information relating to the secret report on the national monument review. 

Where do we go from here?

The bill to gut the Antiquities Act now has the potential of getting a vote from the House of Representatives. If Congress moves forward with this legislation, it will be ignoring the vast majority of Americans who want to see their public lands and waters protected for future generations.

What can you do?

  • Hold your members of Congress accountable. Call them to voice your opposition to H.R. 3990 and ask them to oppose the bill. You can find contact information for your representative here
  • Help circulate a business sign on letter to local businesses in your area. We are organizing a massive response to engage voices from the business community pushing back on the Chair of the National Economic Council Chair Gary Cohn opposing the review of national monuments.  Read the letter and sign on businesses here. The letter will close on November 3.

An OpEd in The Hill was recently printed that takes down the off-the mark arguments made by Rep. Bishop and his allies in last week's hearing on their Antiquities Act bill. Read the piece, titled Congressional attack on national monuments ignores America’s conservation history, and please share it on social media!



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