Student Focus: Roosevelt @ HSU

December, 2017


Student Focus logoRoosevelt at HSU is part of the Roosevelt Network. Operating on 130 campuses in more than 40 states, the network is home to emerging thinkers and doers who are committed to rewriting the rules in our communities. By engaging emerging thinkers and doers alongside established intellectuals and activists, Roosevelt taps into the potential of a changing America to both reimagine the rules and change who gets to write them. 

In the fall semester, our main project revolves around our national journal publication: 10 Ideas. The journal publishes student policy memos that fall into any of our seven focus areas: healthcare, education, democratic access, energy and environment, human rights, the economy, and foreign policy. During the semester, students actively examine societal and environmental problems affecting our communities and propose solutions to these problems in the form of a policy memo. The 10 best student submissions are published in the journal, with others published online. 

Last year, we had a policy memo published in 10 Ideas from one of our own members at HSU: Nick Thomas wrote an excellent piece on fighting the role of big money in local politics and suggested implementing election vouchers in Humboldt County elections to return the power to the people. This helped to direct our chapter in focusing on the issue area of democratic access.

This year we have begun to put greater emphasis on the issue area of energy and the environment. Some problems that we are looking at are negative impacts of logging techniques here in the Pacific Northwest, a lack of environmental education in elementary school and beyond, and economic barriers to access for our National Parks. 

While the issues considered for 10 Ideas range from county to federal, we are also interested in campus issues. One of these is the overcrowding of on-campus parking and a heavy reliance by students on automobiles, and we are looking at ways to resolve this. 

Roosevelt at HSU also plans other activities, including a tour of the Trinidad historic lighthouse, restoration work, and a beach cleanup partnering with the HSU Democrats on their adopted beach. Our larger events typically occur in the Spring semester with a favorite being the Great Debate, which brings together clubs on campus that represent the Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians to foster intellectual debate of ideas. 

An event that we just started last year is RooTalks, our take on the famous TedTalks courtesy of our Vice President Natasha Braziel, in which we provide an essentially open forum for students and organizations on campus to encourage the free flow of ideas and innovation.

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