Volunteer Spotlight - Robert Thoman

February, 2018



I started delivering EcoNews to McKinleyville in the late 70s. I had done some work converting the beauty parlor next to the old NEC to expand the offices of the NEC. I also started papering McKinleyville and the Eureka/ Arcata airport. Tim McKay and Sid Dominitz (at the time, the NEC’s Executive Director and EcoNews editor, respectively) talked me into playing poker with them on Wednesday evenings. I have been delivering EcoNews in McKinleyville (by bicycle) and playing poker Wednesday evenings ever since.

I greatly appreciate the influence that the NEC has had on protecting the environment. Tim applied pressure constantly and Sid helped him put issues into words. I am overjoyed that the awesome crew at the NEC has carried on that work. Many thanks to them. This is the only planet we have. 

Robert Thoman kayaking on Humboldt Bay.

Robert Thoman kayaking on Humboldt Bay. Photo: Courtesy of Robert Thoman.



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