Supervisor's Questionnaire: Transportation

April, 2018


As  Supervisor, what would you do to improve and expand the County’s transportation infrastructure for pedestrians and non-motorized

4th District: 

Virginia Bass: I am a proponent of the trail being completed between Eureka and Arcata. I would advocate for more opportunities for non vehicle modes of transportation when the projects make sense. I would be interested in hearing more from your group as to ideas in this area.

Dani Burkhart: I support the connection of the Humboldt Bay Trail from Arcata to Eureka. I will support further conversion of North Coast Railway Authority land into trails through the Great Redwood Trail Act. I also support the planned trail system throughout the 4th district. Walk and bike-ability are important in order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel powered transportation. Having safe trails for pedestrians and bikes away from car traffic are a great way to incentivize folks to take advantage of alternate transportation.

5th District: 

Steve Madrone: I would work with community groups and county departments to continue current projects like the Bay Trail, and complete the Annie and Mary Trail, the Little River Trail, and the Eel River Canyon Trail. I have 40 years experience in this area having been a key player in the construction of the Hammond Trail and county trail planning. Public-private partnerships can get these resources leveraged and projects built. There are also many other community trail projects needed like a safe path on Murray Road from McKinleyville to Fieldbrook, along Jacoby Creek Road, in the Willow Creek community and elsewhere.





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