Supervisor's Questionnaire: Dams

April, 2018


The County has supported removal of Klamath dams, but has no policy on the Eel River dams. What should the County’s position be?

4th District: 

Virginia Bass: I will be upfront with you and telling you that I really do not have my mind made up on this issue as I have not studied it in depth. While we have had public speakers offer opinions and we have anecdotal experience I have personally not seen information in regards to this issue brought to the board. So for me to state what I think the counties position to be would be presumptive and premature. However I would welcome the opportunity to have discussions on this issue which could lead to future actions.

Dani Burkhart: The ecological health of the Eel River has been negatively impacted by the Potter Valley Project and it affects our watershed. I believe the county should support further study on these impacts, including the alternative of decommissioning the dams and restoring the river channel.

5th District: 

Steve Madrone: I support removal of Klamath dams. I support removal of the Eel dams. I recognize that none of this is easy as communities of use have grown up around these impoundments and diversions for a long time. It is also true that native peoples were here for thousands of years and due to many reasons the salmon have plummeted. Water flows are a part of this puzzle. I support major water conservation, incentivized water storage from winter rains, and forbearance approaches to low water diversions. Humboldt County needs to insist that all 4 counties in the water agreement conserve water use. 




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