Supervisor's Questionnaire: Sea Level Rise

April, 2018


What do you think the impacts of sea level rise (SLR) will be, and what do you think should be done about it with regard to local planning and development?

4th District: 

Virginia Bass: The county and the state need to seriously look at what infrastructure can be adjusted and what infrastructure needs to be completely reconsidered and potentially moved. While some people scoff at the concern, I believe that it’s best to be prepared long before we need to react. Exactly how that looks, I am not an expert to say. We are lucky to have some amazing individuals in this community who have been working on this issue for some time and in many parts of the state we are considered to be one of the leaders on this issue.

Dani Burkhart: As a resident of Eureka, I am deeply concerned about projected sea level rise and its impact on my community. Local planning must account for these projections when evaluating the feasibility of development. We must look towards future conditions when making decisions today. We must also evaluate alternative solutions, such as coastal armoring, for their environmental impacts and effectiveness, to build a strategy that works for our community.

5th District: 

Steve Madrone: Humboldt Bay is projected to have greater SLR impacts than just about anywhere else in California. This is due to the combination of SLR and subsidence. Given the scientific evidence we should no longer be planning, permitting, or constructing in this footprint. What does exist there needs to be raised and or adapted or protected from SLR. We need to be smart about this and plan accordingly. By having an educated and responsible Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissioners who understand the reality of SLR and the extreme costs to society for not acting, we can be sure to plan sustainably.





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