Supervisor's Questionnaire: Affordable Housing

April, 2018


How can the County most effectively address the need for affordable housing while protecting forests, farmland, open space, and already existing communities?

4th District: 

Virginia Bass: We can adjust our regulations to allow for more infill, second units and smaller dwellings.

 I worked with our local housing authority to revamp our section 8 voucher system. Instead of offering only person based vouchers there will also be access to project-based vouchers which can be used as matching funds for projects. We must continue advocating at the state level for funding to move affordable housing forward. The California State Association of Counties is joining ranks with Senator Beall and have asked for $1.3 billion of “up front” money to  jumpstart affordable housing in California. Is it likely that bills going to pass as it’s been presented? Most likely not...should we fight like hell for it, yes we should!

Dani Burkhart: The County must strongly consider reviewing and modifying its planning code to support denser housing development and mixed use development close to urban areas that have developed infrastructure, and streamlining the planning/approval process for infill projects to protect and preserve timberland, farmland and open space.

5th District: 

Steve Madrone: It will take private-public-partnerships to solve the affordable housing crisis. Public resources to build and manage housing, and private partners willing to create housing alternatives as well as building tiny house villages and sanctuary camps. Some of these solutions can happen at the individual parcel scale with a few tiny houses here and there. Mother in law units and other creative housing solutions need to be encouraged and incentivized.




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